United Pacific Group

was founded in 2013. We focused on a lot of quality historical artworks and antiques business. With a deep understanding in arts market, we started auction business in 2017, and the team was named United Pacific Auction ( UPA ). We believe that auction is an effective platform, which let us go further to different categories of valuable artworks by sharing ideas, collecting and investing globally. 

We mainly proceed with auction activities on different kinds of internet auctions all over the world, so that the items can face the whole world without geographical limitations and more close to all of you. 

Our specialists are the most important element of the company, who lead connoisseurs in their field. They are also astute business people who know where and when to collect and sell a work. 

We make our auctions as transparent, friendly and straightforward as possible. Whether you are an old friend, loyal client, a new consignor , or bidder considering work with us for the first time ,           we sincerely invite you to have business with us,